there aren’t any definitions for crazyou yet.

can you define it?

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  • emsekne

    when you’re in deep sh-t and need a savior to save your -ss. kuwaiti woman: “umbe maynona come here” maid faking from the seventh floor: “emsekneeeee”

  • unslaad krosis

    dragon speech for “unending sorrow” the draugr yelled unslaad krosis

  • billyash

    very good at insulting people without realising. is also addicted to lol even though he states he hates the game so much. i f-cked up today, i billyashed and called some kid a c-nt, he didn’t realise luckily.

  • zilah

    ‘zilah’ is an adjective used to describe your undying love for someone. i zilah him so much! or “he told me that he zilah(ed) me!.” zilah is a beautiful young lady with blonde hair and is curious about other languages and he trys her best in everything she does. she always fines a way to […]

  • homecoming girlfriend

    a pretty girl that a boy continuously flirts with just to have a date to homecoming and usually dumps her after the dance and moves on to someone close to the girl. example:close friends/best friends sadie: aaron just dumped kerri after homecoming and now aaron is talking to me. alicia: that sucks for kerri, she […]

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