(crey-crey) adj.

1.absolutely insane, crazy, or out there idea, thought or action.

“whoa man, that movie was cre-cre.”

“why the f-ck are you acting so cre-cre all of the sudden?!”

“where the h-ll did you hear that cre-cre sh-t from?”

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  • creedoo

    something dumb-sses make up because they’re gay! mike and alex “it’s f-cking creedo b-tch!”

  • Crimson Caravan

    to run a train on a female while she is on her period. i heard they rode the crimson caravan with that girl from the bar to g-ngb-ng a virgin yeah we totally ran a crimson caravan on her

  • Crimson Drones

    a kiss–ss psychedelic/rock band from the valley. crimson drones are wicked sick rad bad!

  • Cristelle

    an amazingly beautiful person, formally meaning crystal. person 1: that cristelle has radiance.

  • crocodillahippohydroheffapig

    a very unattractive female. eg, fugly: f-ck ugly my god! that girl last night was such a crocodillahippohydroheffapig, it was unreal!!!!!

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