ultra smooth, cooler than ever
dang dawg that girl creamy
to be under the influence of xanax for recreational use.
motherf-cka i’m creamy!
cool, tight, sweet, sick, ill
dude did you see that ufc fight last night brah, it was creamy as h-ll. randy couture is the creamiest fighter there is.
1. a shameful state.
2. beyond a pervert.
1. i felt creamy when my mom caught me jacking off!
2. my janitor was beating off in the middle of the library, what a creamy b-st-rd!
feeling like your melting
or the feeling of wanting to melt
feeling soo good that you dont wanna move
you just wanna dance to get to places
i was thizzen so hard in my cl-ss i was creamyn all over the room

i was creamin all down the halls to dubee a.k.a sugawolf
adj, a word used to desribe anything that can be described in a good or phenominal way.

or and interjection used as a good exclamation
“i just made an a!” “creamy!”

that concert was so creamy!

creamy baige! i just won!
sleepy, tired, exhausted, lazy, very very tired.
“dude.i’m so freaking creamy.”
“ugh,today was such a long day, i’m so creamy.”

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