high usage of bullsh-t that is only waterm-ss isn’t real muscle,fake
creatine keane thinks he can lift
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a high-energy, naturally occurring compound known as creatine phosphate that is widely used (totally legal) as a supplement to enhance athletic performance and/or muscle gain. it is most popular as a white powder which is mixed with juice or water. it can also be taken as a serum or in pill form. side effects include a weight gain of 5-10 lbs, bloating (if you don’t drink enough water), and increased chest size. the good effects will only be seen when combined with a serious workout regiment.
creatine made me grow some big time moobs, but fortunately b-tches loved to grab them and they even helped me bag some girls with lesbian tendencies…if you know what i’m getting at.
creatine is a popular workout supplement used to enhance athletic performance, particularly in weightlifting. creatine is most popular in “monohydrate” form and can be taken in capsules or in a powdered drink mix. usually, taking creatine on a regular cycle will cause a 5-10 pound gain in muscle m-ss and a slight but noticeable increase in your lifting performance. creatine is popular because users will most likely see results when combined with a serious lifting regiment, without the wacky side effects of steroids and testaserone raising products.

there are some reported (but not proven) side effects of creatine, including bacne, bloating, anger and increased urination (due to the amount of water you are required to drink while using creatine). creatine will also not automatically get you jacked without hard work and will not automatically allow you to lift more weight. rather, creatine will help you get that little extra edge you need to go the extra mile and give you that extra one or two reps that make all the difference. using creatine is not “cheating”, and to maintain your size you will have to work as hard as anyone else. the effect doesn’t last forever and is never as strong as your first cycle.

usually those who speak against creatine usage are simply envious of the improvements made by users or cannot afford it. i know from experience that many pathetic individuals who discourage creatine usage actually take it themselves and simply don’t want anyone to get as big as them. sad, yes, but true. creatine is safe and legit, used by many pro athletes and olympic medalists.

and yeah, a lot of people who combine creatine with hard work on a regular basis will suddenly become chick magnets and acquire previously unreachable amounts of punani.
once i started taking creatine, the weights i became capable of lifting embarr-ssed a lot of chumps wearing beaters and short-shorts at the gym.
supplement made up of 2 amino acids.
not dangerous,totally safe.
not illegal,totally legal.
i took creatine.
creatine is naturally occurring in, for example, humans. around 2 grams of creatine are consumed daily. supplementation typically adds an extra 5 grams daily. creatine, as with other supplements, must be taken with a great deal of water to prevent damage due to strain on the kidneys and liver. creatine is not a steroid hormone, however, and can not give you b00bs.
i took creatine and now i’m a monster. ucf, shwing, creatine.
a supplement that is a performance enhancer and is totally legal. works grat if you’re doing a serious workout that includes hard-lifting activities. good effects of creatine= bigger chest, stronger physique, and a numerous amount of never before seen b-tches that all of a sudden want you. bad effects of creatine= stomach cramps, you all of a sudden think you’re the sh-t, and p-ssy becomes an instant need for you and the best part about it is that you know your conceided -ss will get it because you are ripped.
back then, girls used 2 call me conceided, -sshole, and “the kid that plays with his -sshole” but now since i use creatine, b-tches call me well conceided, -sshole, and “the kid that has all the females wanting 2 play wit his litle -sshole”. it’s great and since then i been taking 200 milligrams of testosterone and been beating p-ssy up 4 days. what a life!
a bodybuilding supplement that retains water in your muscles making you look buffer while you’re gaining strength.
the bad part is that once you get off it, you’ll lose most your strength gains you made while on creatine, and you will lose all that retained water that made u look swole
person 1:daaamn look at that n-gg- josh, he been gainin at least 5 lbs of muscle a week
person 2:u dumb-ss, thas all waterweight from all that creatine he takes every 4 hours
(2 weeks later, josh returns from christmas break and has gone 2 weeks without creatine)–
person 1:hey everybody look at josh’s skinny -ss!!
person 2:hahaha he musta ran outta that creatine
a substance that ‘muscle-mags’ promote over and over again to scam you out of your hard earned cash. all it does for you is add 1-2 seconds of extra energy to your muscles – it does not build muscle for you. wake up.
i gain muscle through hard work, not creatine.

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