to be oily, dirty, greasy, slimy, obesey.

found in horry county, south carolina. -ssociated with oil, as in snake oil, expensive crude oil (with added alcohol from his extensive supply to make the oil supply appear larger than it really is), with the oil used in extensive smearing and schmoozing, and with the oil used to start fires to burn down airport buildings and schools.

the town of conway sc is so thick with creel oil, a mere ‘lightning strike’ may ignite part of, if not all of, the town at any time. especially if creel has it insured.
creel takes money
creel sh-ts oil
a type of small wicker or osier basket, used by anglers for holding fish or other seafood catches.
fisherman 1: “look at this fish i just caught.”
fisherman 2: “nice one. go ahead and put it in the creel.”

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