wow, she’s so cresonia.

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  • Seriously Packing

    he is seriously packing: he has a large p-n-s. oh my goodness, he is seriously packing!

  • bone tag

    to play “bone tag” is to have a series of missed calls and/or text messages with a person you are attempting to engage in s-xual acts. jessica and i were playing bone tag all weekend. it never ended up happening, but she says she’s going to be at this party tonight.

  • crescendo clapping

    when at a live musical performance, the audience claps to a beat, but it sounds like a crescendo due to members of the audience being musically inept and thus unable to clap on beat. found at most sh-tty bands performances for obvious reasons. jonathan: my girlfriend drug me to a nickleback concert and the audience […]

  • erkkila

    big head blue eyed white devil touches blouse too much welcome to honoluluuu i can take you studs in the rear …. you girls can go somewhere eles bge (big gay erkkila)

  • Theme Park Nasty

    what happens to a theme or amusment park when it gets gross and not taken care. like disneyland or valley fair. i want to go to the harry potter theme park before it gets all theme park nasty.

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