an really ugly person. often seen in a night club
look at that girl, she is such a cretten

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  • crib sheet

    n. another way to say “cheat sheet”. my professor said we could have a crib sheet instead of a cheat sheet because cheating is bad.

  • Crimonoles

    slang for the florida state seminoles. the criminoles had another player suspended for stealing beef jerky from k-mart.

  • Dil-Hammer

    a wooden stick with a d-ld- attached to it(usually used as a strange, gay weapon) run away!he has a dil-hammer!

  • Dwingle

    to entertain a cat “i just got paid five dollars a day to dwingle at my neighbors’ while he was out of town”

  • pissmuppetry

    amalgamation of “p-ssmoppery” and “muppet” “muppet” is used as a mild insult “you muppet” when someone has done something comically stupid and unbelievable. teamed with “p-ssmoppery”, “p-ssmuppetry” is the result a very funny and unbeleivable act of stupidity, pointelss behaviour, with the addition of a huge dose of comedy for the people watching

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