person, deamon

275 pds.
completly black eyes
slicked back black hair
black jeans
controls elements
dam crimsin’s cool

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  • cripple biscuits

    what one may have been eating prior to a poor performance. biscuits that, when consumed, reduce someone’s prowess (at sport for example) to that of a cripple “john was playing brilliantly in the first half, now he’s sh-te, he must have been eating cripple biscuits at half time”

  • crotch-clops

    a.the unfortunate event in which a man was wither born with or lost one t-st-cl-. b. a man who only has one ball is it true that you only have one nut, you’re a crotch-clops!

  • crotchograph

    photograph of a woman’s crotch, usually taken as she is getting out of a car while wearing a short dress / skirt without underwear. must be a celeberity to be a true crotchograph. d-mn, did you see that crotchograph of brittany spears?

  • crumb gobbler

    1920’s, a cake-eater ot bun-buster who makes a speciality of crashing in at teas. a person who attends teas and luncheons uninvited. ernie is just another crumb gobbler.

  • crushtaculous

    adj: of the nature of incredible impressive crushing. wow did you see that crushtaculous beating casey took at shuffleboard? yeah! if i were him i don’t think i could play that game again.

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