a word used casually in conversation to alienate someone who does not understand how to use it.
it is a universal adjective or verb (adv. form “crompedly”), which can mean literally anything, from “run” to “stinky” etc. and the meaning of the word is to be deciphered from the context of the sentence.
note: the adjective form is “cromp”, not “cromped” or “cromping”, because the latter two (when spoken) just sound like you’re replacing the word “f-ck”.
that jacket doesn’t look that cromp, man.

i f-ckin’ cromped my way to the gym today; i almost ran a red light.

duuude… this weed is totally cromping my mind.

come on, i’m in a hurry; can you do that more crompedly?

did you just cromp yourself?

what the h-ll? jeremy’s in the hospital. he’s so f-cking cromp right now. i’ll start looking for a eugoogalizor.
latin for “long haired, dirty hat waring, urban scuba diver”

the cromp are a rare breed and are usually found in the urban depths of chasetown & burntwood. if ever aproched by a cromp it is suggested that you run away.
sh-t, its a cromp, run!!!
cromp is someone who wears scuba shoes
hey cromp, were’s the scuba’s

r those, those underwater shoes?

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