when you play a p-n-s sword fight in a bed with your g-y partner,in order to win you must thrust your p-n-s to your enemies b-tthole
i hope to cross-blade when i see you again

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  • p*n*s butler

    p-n-s butler is someone who is in a s-xual relations to someone whom had a p-n-s and is their “servant” in return gets their p-n-s as pay. hey, my p-n-s butler is great she does a great job and get my p-n-s in return!

  • lashutta

    a good loving person so kind hearted and will do anything for anybody but she’s fire so don’t cross her! lashutta she’s a beautiful lady inside and out!

  • chelby foster

    is a loyal, bomb -ss person who is everybody’s best friend and is always lit as f-ck. they keep it real and is insane as f-ck. chelby foster is an insane bomb -ss loyal b-tch!

  • s*xy charlie horse

    when you get a charlie horse in your leg during s-x. i was not able to have an -rg-sm because i got a s-xy charlie horse right before i was ready to c-m!

  • penny stealing jew

    a jew typically around the time of 1939 to 1945 (or world war 2) that steals penny’s you penny stealing jew! to the gas chambers with you!

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