cross coitus

the act of two male roomates banging two females who are also roomates.
bob: hey brett, lizzy is coming over to add to my bucketful of p-ssy. i think erin is coming with her.

brett: dude, we should totally -ss to mouth the both of them and cross coitus in the same room.

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    1. usually -ssociated with marijuana, when you mix either 2 different types of marijuana together or you mix marijuana with some other drug. joe: yo man ready to smoke some dank bud. jon: yeah dude, my friend gave me this bud and it was laced with acid. joe: oh sh-t bro…crossing the beams

  • crumb jobbing

    the act of f-lch-ng smeg. 1) dave’s wife is busy crumb jobbing. 2) “hey i just got a crumb job from my wife” said dave.

  • crumb sandwicher

    a pre-teen or young teenage girl who dresses provocatively in an effort to appear older or more sophisticated. so named from the attempt to create cleavage from developing br–sts. tony: this mall is full of crumb sandwichers. dave: no ladies over 14 years old.

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