when a male (over a certain age) gets h-t in the crotch he is crotchalated
“i got crotchalated when i sled down the hill because there was a rock in wrong places…”

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  • crundelitis

    disease of having an overly dirty crundel. can be cured by the cleaning and washing of the crundel area. man i was about to eat her out then smelled her crundelitis and said “o nah”.

  • Crunk car

    crunk car is when you get h-lla trashed then you go drive yoru car really fast and dont stop for n-body not even the police get drunk and drive a car find out for your self what crunk car i s all about

  • RTCN

    rub the cl-t n-gg-. man 1: hey dude guess what? i hooked up with this hot girl last night man 2: did you remember to rtcn? man 1: oh no, i forgot!

  • rubaway

    a man who claims heteros-xuality, but is clearly only a back-rub away from sleeping with his gay friend. scott insisted he was straight, but after a few beers and a back-rub he totally let me hit that. he’s a total rubaway. most f-gs secretly wish that their straight friends were rubaways.

  • the hippo song

    the hippo song is a sound during any s-xual activity, but sounds like a hippo being violently slaughtered. when joe beats off he sings the hippo song, and the neighbors are beggining to complain.

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