a game daily played by bored office workers sitting in their office blocks.

this game is played with two people.
one willing and one not.
we will call the willing team a
we will call non willing team b

team a waits for the perfect time. the busiest hour of the day where all office blocks are quite. (it is important to have from 30-100 ripped out papers available). once there is complete quite team a repeatedly takes out a paper and crumbles it as loudly and awkwardly as possible. team b will either get curious or greatly annoyed by the 15th paper. team a scoring is as follows
1 point- team b kindly asks them to stop
2 points- team b asks them to stop in a rather demanding tone
3 points- team b tells them to stop.
ex: stop!
5 points- they are warned to stop
ex: i swear to god dennis if you dont stop
7 points- they are screamed at
ex: you lousy motherf-cker stop that sh-t!
10 points- if they are physically abused
ex: one more f-cking time dennis and i’ll bash your head in :reaches over and chockes team a:
auto win: if team b quits job
if team a gets too 30 points they win
if team b ignores team a, team b auto wins because team a did not get any points.
if team a gets more than no points but less than thirty n-body wins.

hypothetically team a always wins. cause its cool like that.

winner gets satisfaction.

” stop that sh-t jimmy f-ck this sh-t i quite”

“haha! i jsut f-cking won?”

“what?””oh sh-t!””fine man you won this time”

thats crumperture for you!

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