my house, where one resides
“yi kets go back to my cripalate”

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  • CTY withdrawal (also known as ACW)

    acw: acute cty withdrawal currently, there is no cure. it is the period that can be a couple of days to several years after you leave cty in which you miss your friends very very much. symptoms may include hacking cough, the “sniffles,” and a horrible cold, as well as randomly thinking of a great […]


    the name of a cuban -n-s im gunna shove this gun up your cub-n-s if you don’t shut up.

  • cutty

    a term used to describe s-x as an object, event, or reward. nearly synonymous with cut. “baby, i’mma get some cutty tonight?” “what you smilin’ for?” -“n-gg- i got some cutty las’ night!” “f-ck a ring & marriage, it’s time for some cutty!” bay area slang, has many meanings which are ambiguous. the word has […]

  • cuz you be on it

    coz you be lookin fine as h-ll. probly have that gud stuff. hope ur comin 2nite, cuz you be on it nd u know i wnt me some.

  • Cyber Rafiki

    1. a person who pops up on im at the least expected moment; especially if they pop up right after they said “g2g” and logged off. this is similar to how rafiki suddenly disappears and reappears at random moments in disney’s ‘the lion king’. particularly in the scene where simba is chasing rafiki through the […]

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