ctfu means “carb the f-ck up.”
durian rider (author of ctfu): “eat more to live more. carbs are your friend. every f-cking meal: carb the f-ck up!”
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cracks the f-ck up. when laughing so hard you can hardly breathe.
when someone does or says something completly and utterly funny, ridiculous or stupid.
crackin the f-ck up
bbyvee : you funny as sh-t, ctfu !

bbynia : b-tch, im not even half-way through wat happened yet, and you already think sh-t funny ! ctfu ,
a laughing acronym standing for “crack(ing) the f-ck up” similar to lmao or rofl. primarily used by black people on mysp-ce and facebook.
-jaquon posts a funny/gangsta picture on facebook-
tarrell: yo dat sh-ts drawlin ctfu!
used in texting, email, blogs, etc, its short for cracking the f-ck up;
laughing really hard,
bob: what do you call a dead blonde in a closet
tom: i don’t know, what do you call her?
bob: last year’s hide-n-go-seek champion!
tom: hahaha ctfu good one.
cracking the f-ck up
person #1: wacka wacka wacka wacka wacka
person #2: ctfu
capture the f-cking urinal
facebook status: “ctfu”

comment: “ctfu: capture the f-cking urinal”
a word that only black girls use in a fight on facebook
ctfu , whateva make yu feel gud abut yurslef girll lls.

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