part of the furry subculture where the viewer is aroused by child furries. this is the pedophilia of furry culture.
cubs-x is like f-cking little animal babies, but they’re not real, and they’re half human.
– the ultimate s-x word; used for fuel; has the ability to light bubbles on fire; was getting teabagged and literally bit danny’s b-lls off; has gorilla p-b-s; is the epitome of s-xual intercourse; it makes people c-m until they faint; forces people to moan from their fingernails; causes deer to jump from your belly b-tton and into your mouth; can m-ssage you with its nose
cubs-x (n. v.)
to: cubs-x meaning to have s-xual something, with c-m and only c-m and c-m everywere. to have an -rg-sm to the point were you c-m plethoras of the substance
definitions by emma-cubs-x -ss rapes every virgin boy and girl.
cubs-x fills the internet and phone lines with the moaning of children old and young being s-xed!
cubs-x is the factory made in china
cubs-x is now an olympic sport for handicaps.
cubs-x is on the flag of new zealand
cubs-x is heat in its purest form!
cubs-x ish beat that your heart beats to.
cubs-x was your imaginary friend
cubs-x babysits your animals when you are away!
cubs-x is what the muslims pray to
cubs-x created scientology
cubs-x created the father son and holy spirit!
cubs-x takes the shape of the aliens from alien verses predator
cubs-x killed john f. kennedy
cubs-x eats live babies for lunch!
cubs-x is an aphrodesiac!
cubs-x feeds from utters
cubs-x is a greek godess
cubs-x eats landlines
cuns-x tilted the world on its axis
cubs-x makes bubbles
cubs-x steals peoples shoes at night
cubs-x is the art of eating brains through straws
cubs-x devoured mount everest!
cubs-x is on the stairway to heaven
cubs-x is kai littlefields twin
definitions by aubrey-cubs-x makes c-m fly around the world
cubs-x creates fountains of babies that are all neither boy nor girl
cubs-x involves tacos and hot dogs being eaten by every litle boy and girl on earth
cubs-x is a boat that is filled with transvest-te fish
cubs-x is now featured on mario party 3 as a seven person orgy
cubs-x is redken hair gel
cubs-x makes saunas light on fire
cubs-x is your kindergarden cubby
cubs-x is the sugar cubes in your coffee
cubs-x is the frosting on top of a cake
cubs-x created the egyptian pyramids
cubs-x created this amazing blackberry ice cream that i am eating
cubs-x created blonde highlights
cubs-x is my gf
cubs-x flies to the moon and back in 10 seconds
cubs-x might makeout with you at random times
cubs-x is depresssed and needs to be nurse
cubs-x eats my sweatshirt
cubs-x is the good life
cubs-x is a jumble of laundry
cubs-x is a snow machine
cubs-x makes tiny baby sox
cubs-x is yellow snow
cubs-x discoverd mount erverst
cubs-x makes me c-m
cubs-x makes me have ph-n-s-x
cubs-x humps ladybugs
cubs-x is my guardian angel
cubs-x wants in my pants

emma and aubrey cubs-xed super hard last night.

cubs-x: any s-xual transaction including c-m.

aubrey and emma cubs-xed it up in the lax bus.

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