(v.)the art of stealing one’s signifigant other without notifying them.
dustin plans to cuckle kayla from josh’s arms.
to have s-x with someone’s significant other behind their back
that guy totally cuckled joey after he went home last night
the act of biting someone with your p-n-s.

a p-n-s bite.

also known as a c-ck bite.
“dude! i’m going to to cuckle you in the neck and it is going to leave a mark!”

“i accidentally cuckled her several times in the back and now she has red, half-moon marks. i felt bad.”

“i never knew that getting c-ck bitten was the same as getting cuckled!”
a male that devotes his time/resources/money into raising and/or supporting a female’s child, even though the child belongs to another male.
males that raise b-st-rd children are cuckles.
expression of loving laughter shared between soulmates.
i am so in love with him i feel like i’ve gone insane. cuckle!
1. a fake swear word/insult.
2. another word for c-ck.
1. you sick cuckle! i can’t believe you did that!
2. go suck a cuckle you f-g!

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