a minor, usually 10-15 years old, and of any race who partic-p-tes in activities such as:
– car-prowling and car theft.
– serial petty theft of lighters, candy, eyedrops, and other things from convenience stores and wal-mart.
– stealing grand amounts of liquor from grocery stores on a regular basis.
– pushing large quant-ties of weed or aforementioned stolen liquor around and on school campuses.
– never being able to stay out of juvie for more than 3 months or violating their probation.
– idolizing rappers like chief keef and wocka flocka, mainly due to their drug and gang related lyrics.
– “turn up” almost every night, drinking tons of liquor and smoking lots of weed, whether it’s at a house party, or an elementary school campus at 3 am in the freezing rain.

nearly synonymous with a word like twelvie, except a cuddi is a bit more sophisticated. a cuddi usually dresses like a swagf-g (team snapback, black long tube socks with sandals, other basketball gear) and usually congregates with other cuddis, sometimes forming drug gangs. they’re the hardest kids in the suburbs, but would get their -sses handed to them in the nearby city, like vancouver, washington cuddi’s if they went to neighboring portland, oregon.
12 year old: ayyee cuddi, you wanna buy some tree? -pulls out an ounce-
18 year old: the f-ck? how have you not been robbed?
other 18 year old: because the big homies got his back…
the private area of a woman usally a hooker or sl-t. it is also usually stinky and or disease ridden

also known as p-ssy, v-g-n-, sn-tch, vertical smile, cooter
yo hoe throw that cuddi my way at our next ghetto bash.

man, i cant wait for lindsey to give me some cuddi this weekend

yo put some skittles up in that cuddi

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