”see you in a bit”
right dude cuiab

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  • moustache comb-over

    the facial coiffure which arranges one’s moustache whiskers in such a way that they occlude the subject’s male pattern baldness. a toupee fashioned from one’s moustache. petunia discovered that the hair was indeed attached, and by attempting to pluck it from benjamin’s jacket, she had unhinged his “moustache comb-over” exposing a great, shiny bald head.

  • mouth shag

    another meaning for “bl-w j-b” grats on yer mouth sh-g the night, man points on their way!

  • Oliwia

    beautiful beyond belief. you will fall for her in an instant. s-xy,smart,intelligent,funny. weird above all. won’t take cr-p from just anyone .screw her over once and you’re done. she’s shy at first ,but she’ll warm up.loves to make everyone laugh even if it means an injury needs to occur.she never takes anyone for granted and […]

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    what one might exclaim if they just got hit in the gee ie.f-nny….ie.v-g-n- if u think that f-nny means -ss… -walks into corner of table- “o ma gee!” o my g-d! originated by people in gretna, ne. (see o my f-cking gee) for more detail insane skills….such as…if you diss some one or do somthing […]

  • Omegleian

    a person who uses the chat. h-llo fellow omegleian xd

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