cum pool

a pool of c-m…when you c-m like crazy. simple, isn’t it?
wow…what a nice c-m pool, nyan!

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  • cum rooshit

    a c-ck gobbling wh-r- who swallows every d-ck she can find to get men to do what she wants. the more s-m-n she drinks, the more power she gets. that c-m roosh-t loved the gang banging she got last night.

  • lumpuck of the tarhole

    a wet,irritating condition of and around the cornshoot and taint,a condition usually remedied by a cooks best friend,cornstarch! see swamp -ss gino’s walk today totally showed signs of a m-ssive case of lumpuck of the tarhole!


    best day of your life. used when someone you know, or are around, has an extremely fortunate event happen. pr-nounced “buh-doy-ul.” similar to bdoml “buh-dom-ul,” which is used when you are the lucky duck. your friend finds $20 on the curb of a street and you exclaim, “bdoyl!!!”

  • flexabilize

    a person who is very flexible look at that flexabilize kid over there!

  • Adamcat

    a super cool, revved-up version of an adam. indivuals with the audacity to go by ‘adamcat’ usually have sick cars, huge tv’s, cool paint and are extremely well-endowed. better than any plain-jane adam… he’s an adamcat.

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