an event that causes endless -rg-smic pleasure.
james’ mom was a c-mapalooza.

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  • cuntdragon

    when someone is so rude an b-tchy they aren’t human anymore there some kinda c-nt dragon. lucy always has to boss everyone around she’s rude an obnoxious man, what a c-nt dragon 11

  • cutrara

    it is a beautiful and rare unicorn that wanders in magic forests while plays hopscotch and singing christmas songs man:i was really exited yesterday person: oh ya well i was cutraraed yesterday

  • Cymbal line

    misunderstood by the general public as the lesser of the drumline, they are visually the coolest d-mn section in a band/drum corps. contrary to medieval folklore, the cymbal section does not use their bad-ssery in the form of visual mindf-ck to hypnotize the viewer, in fact they are all pretty f-cking chill. dayum son, check […]

  • damn shit son

    what coaches (usually football) say when a player f-cks up. “d-mn sh-t son!” “hold on to the ball! d-mn sh-t son!”

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    when a male -j-c-l-t-s all over a his s-xual partner’s face during s-xual intercourse resulting in them contracting a severe form of acne, which is also called dan bates. “what happened to you last night?” “i was dan bates’d”

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