c-mderwear is the nickname for old, dirty underwear. the name was established due to the fact that many people liked to jack off into old pairs, as it was easy to clean up the c-m. but c-mderewear is not just a word that describes using underwear for masturbation. it can refer to a ripped pair, a worn out pair, or a pair that was stained by a peeing/p–ping accident.
whenever i’m looking at p-rn on the computer, i put on a pair of old c-mderwear and jack away.

i had to throw away that old pair of c-mderwear after the hole got too big.
n. normal underwear which for any reason is soaked with s-m-n or v-g-n-l fluids.
1. underwear which a young male may realease his fluids into while masturbating in bed.
2. underwear which men without condoms splooge into rather than partner’s v-g-n- or face (or male partner’s -n-s, but why not?).
3. panties which females get all moist and sloppy when h-rny or dry rubbed.
4. (slang) referring to any person particularly emasculated.

v. to cream your jeans.
1. “jimmy i swear to g-d, i’m your mother not a landromat. i will not touch your disgusting c-mderwear anymore.”
2. “baby i don’t have any c-mderwear, i’m just gonna go on your back.”
3. “i was watching george clooney with a miniskirt on yesterday and i totally turned the living room sofa into c-mderwear.”
4. “we destroyed that other team in sports. we turned them into our c-mderwear.”

v. jimmy was so excited when his voluptuous teacher bent over that he c-mderweared.
a woman’s underwear that, after s-x without a condom, begins to fill with s-m-n that was not fully drained out when she went to the bathroom immediately following coitus.
man: “that was some great s-x.”
woman: “brb, gotta empty out.”
5 minutes later… and woman go out to get some coffee…
woman: “it is still dripping! now i have c-mderwear! ugh”

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