when h-rny people eat eachother’s ejactulatory organs
the common type of c-mmibalism today is eating p-ssy ( ⚈╭͜ʖ╮⚈ )

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  • cunt-like behavior

    when someone of any gender who’s typically a good person, but they act up and say/do something that only c-nts do you should know that i love you, but you’re really showing signs of c-nt-like behavior right now.

  • blubberknuckers

    to be silenced or shooshed. the word blubberknuckers mean “i don’t want to be in this situation “or ” eh i don’t care. but then you are able to use it any way you want.

  • bop your bus

    when you in the mood to vacuum suck some hardcore d-ck hey jerry, want me to bop your bus tonight? not tonight amy

  • spagen wagon

    a person that is extremely irritating but doesn’t realise that they are. omg eliza’s such a spagen wagon she can’t take a hint.

  • rushing the stands

    when you have to sh-t so bad you rush to the bathroom just in time and open the flood gates “dude where’d you go?” “sorry i was rushing the stands.” “oh sh-t, literally.”

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