a streakingly fast blaze ball of j-zz.
susan:”look honey a c-mmit.”

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    1. c-nt clique is a term to describe a group of immature girls who only strive on gossiping, slandering, har-ssing, and starting petty drama with people. in school, it’s usually the popular wh-r-s. 2. the infamous batch of girls from j-panese anime: 2 in yahoo! chat who only live to cause silly internet drama. these […]

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  • mexicated

    alternative rock stations become mexicated when corporate station owners decide the audience for spanish music is potentially more profitable than the “hot ac/alternative rock” demo. this often occurs without warning for anyone, including the station’s employees. kcnl 104.9 in sunnyvale, ca was mexicated on january 1, 2006, without warning to anyone.

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    the outflux of illegal immigrants back to mexico because of ins raids, intolerance, and a bad economy. “well i guess there must have been a mexidus because my landscpaping crews didn’t show up this week.”

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