a cuncher is someone who is to chicken sh-t to have s-x with his roomate so he jerks off alone every night.
cody walks into his dimly lit bathroom and finds his roomate exotically playing with her d-ld-. he freaks out and runs to his room and finds himself pulling out his flacid p-n-s and jerks off all over his teddy bear. this is a cuncher. sadly a cuncher….

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  • riding the dumpster

    to be drunk off one’s -ss. preferably unable to stand or walk without -ssistance. the last night of mardi gras, i downed 4 jagerbomb’s in a row. i was riding the dumpster for the rest of the night.


    acronym for keep calm and carry on, which means to chill. quit obsessing over your bf. you need to seriously kcaco.

  • finger sucking

    placing ones finger in another’s mouth or vice versa, in a very bis-xual way. finger sucking, emma happily sucked amy’s finger.

  • bananstic

    1. nuts 2. awesome 3. crazy — interchangeable with nearly any adjective with either a positive or negative correlation — “my neighbor blasts his religious-preacher program on his tv so frickin loud at 5am every morning until past midnight every night. i am going bananstic! but right now, the fool’s watching a pretty funny episode […]

  • finnophilia

    a s-xual attraction to finnish people. this is understandable considering that there are many s-xy finnish guys – ville valo, olli herman, jyrki 69, etc. jess: i don’t know about you, but i have serious finnophilia. dani: you go, girl!

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