cunt bag

an insult used on other people when they are being douchesacks
you are such a c-ntbag, jim!
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sh-thead, vicious, evil person that represents a manifestation of all that is wrong with the world… the ultimate worst insult that you can use to describe your friends…
that b-tch is such a c-ntbag!!!!!!
a)stupid piece of sh-t b-tch

b)girlfriend who cheats on a guy just to make him feel like he’s the c-ntbag, but really, she’s the c-ntbag
look at sally over there with her new boyfriend she got 3 minutes ago. what a c-ntbag!
one who displays the characteristics of a c-nt: smelly, slimy and gets f-cked.
that guy rusty sure does cheat a bunch in golf…what a c-ntbag.
one who is snide, evil, and annoying.
see my coworker
a bag that is filled with various c-nts
“you sir, are a c-ntbag”
my evil wench of a boss
c-ntbag wanted to fire me for being 2 minutes late today
1.skins handles at the side of the c-nt.

2. handbags for men
how the h-ll can you find the cl-t when the c-nt bags are in the way

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