cunt punter

the female equivalent of a c-ck blocker. when one girl brings up something vile about another girl in front of a guy that immediately turns the guy off to the girl (done either intentionally or accidentally). it usually involves bringing to light the girl’s poor hygiene choices or medical record, thereby punting her c-nt out of play.
jen: hey brad, i really like you – let’s go to your room.
brad: totally.
angie: hope that valtrex got rid of your herpes, jen!
brad: uh i’m going to p-ss on this sk-nk.
jen: way to be a c-nt punter, angie. i hate you.
a man who isn’t afraid of women. one who will grab them by the hair, boot em in the c-nt, and shout profanities all in an effort to try and put them in their place.
“jeremy accused me of being a c-ntpunter, so i showed him what was up when i c-ntpunted his ho-bag wife out the livingroom window!”
a c-nt punter is somone who after having s-x with a female pushes her towards the front door and kicks her in the c-nt right out the door.
b-tters donkey f-cked his ex girlfriend , after finisheing he c-nt punted that wh-r- out the door. he is such a c-nt punter! yeah boy!

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