Cunt Pusher

the pushing of a c-nt. duhhh and whoever reads this is a sick b-st-rd!
that c-nt pusher mad me so happy last night.

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    like a “country b-mpkin” but isolates the term to someone of the female gender. removing the “u” in “country” insinuates the person is not only dumb but a b-tch as well double entendre. r-t-rded ignoramus on the real! usually seen walking around government buildings with a celie-type skip in their step while wearing a plastic […]

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    1.) the bulgarian word for a female dog 2.) an insulting adjective for a woman, often blonde, with a great lack of intelligence, acting so that men and other women of her kind do not appreciate her behaviour. a b-tch. for example: being a “kuchka” in a man’s eyes is not to agree having s-x […]

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