cunt rifle

someone that is such a c-nt, they are literally emanating c-ntness out of themselves at a very high speed, therefore becoming a c-nt rifle.

someone that is always being a c-nt and looks for opportunities to be a c-nt, shooting others down.
tasha turned into a c-nt rifle last week after her pms made everyone hate her.

john: what’s up sam?
sam: hey f-ck you john, you can suck a d-ck.
john: what the h-ll… f-cking c-nt rifle.
a nickname given to a halo: reach covenant weapon, originally called the concussion rifle. due to the concussion rifle’s ability and p-ssy like nature to push your opponent away from you, while making them virtually unable to do anything to counter it. creates a higher level of irritation to that specific weapon.
team mate #1: “i’m getting the sniper rifle!”

team mate #2: “i have the rocket launcher!”

team mate #3: “i am using the c-nt rifle!”

team mate #4: “you freaking would… you c-nt!”

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