cunt rod

1. simple, easy: a p-n-s (c-ck, d-ck, man tool, schl-ng, v-g-n- tickler, etc.)
2. an insult, similar in severity and level of kick–ss to “tw-t”
1. dude i stuck that b-tch with my c-nt rod
2. that girl over there? shes a total c-nt rod
also shortened to c-rod in polite company. you can be a c-ntrod or a c-nt rod. means being a d-ck or a b-tch. insulting to whomever is the c-rod. can also mean p-n-s as in a rod you put in a c-nt. this happens to be the name of our gang as well.
use your turn signal c-ntrod!

c-rod for life.

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