cunt rooster

a c-nt rooster is a f-cking piece of sh-t -sshole motherf-cker that can’t keep their wandering c-ck out of other hen houses, aka v-g-n-s. a great way to describe that special cheating son of a b-tch in your life.
“sean thorpe is a total f-cking c-nt rooster.”

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    the act of looking for women to hook up with, in a place where you can purchase things, like a grocery store or mall. jon: hey rig, want to go c-nt shopping soon? rig: yeah dude! let’s go to the mall this sat-rday, plenty of c-nts there 🙂 jon: maybe afterward we can c-nt rape […]

  • cuntston

    a gorgeous, cheating -sshole. one who likes to play girls and make them cry. oh my god he cheated on her?!?! what a c-ntston.

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  • curtains match the carpet

    when a chicks hair (on her head) is the same color as her hair on her p-ssy. d-mn! that is one hot redhead! i wonder if the curtains match the carpet.

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