cunt snapper

a professional in the art of destroying c-nts
wow, that boy is such a c-nt snapper

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  • pop you off

    to take care of someone s-xually when you come over for netflix & chill, i’m going to pop you off .

  • nip lover

    one who loves or admires j-panese perople or persons. d-mn!!! she must like that small d-ck because shorty is a nip lover.

  • clemson tackle

    a strategic tackle which is followed by a grope of the nether regions confirm the gender of someone. i suspected a tranny was on the same flight as me, so i threw a clemson tackle on it to verify my suspecision; i was correct.

  • nuke my corndog

    to put ones male p-n-s in a girl’s v-g-n- causing the p-n-s to be warm. “i haven’t been able to nuke my corndog in a while” said mike.

  • aaayyy

    a word/noise used when you are showing off about a new item you have i got a 4k tv…aaayyy

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