a person who is absolutely addicted to p-ssy and basically lives to get the next f-ck. a serious medical condition and sufferers can get group support and therapy from c-ntaholics anonymous.
dude: “it is 78 minutes since my last f-ck. i am a c-ntaholic and i need help.”
therapist: “thank you dude, you have taken the first step to recovery.”
one who needs to constantly to f-ck a c-nt. that person is a s-x addict and should get therapy for this. often caused by a b-tch or someone close that made you fear p-ssy or see them as an object
dude 1: i think i’m a c-ntaholic

dude 2: what makes you think that?

dude 1: i have f-cked almost every chick in my econ cl-ss, and i just can’t help but see women with a p-ssy that needs to be filled…

dude 2: seriously… you need to see a therapist about this

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