a girl that uses her c-nt as a tazer like weapon, similar to the movie teeth.
you just killed that f-ggot with your c-ntalizer.
megan carter has the biggest c-ntalizer i have ever seen.
d-mn look at that fat c-ntalizer!

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  • Flu Shot Flu

    a non-medical term for the 3-5 days of feeling like cr-p after you get your flu shot. dude 1. hey, what’s wrong with you? you look like sh-t. dude 2. i also feel like sh-t. i got my flu shot yesterday, now i have flu shot flu.

  • flute juice

    c-m; s-m-n, the sticky white fluid that comes out of your c-ck when you -j-c-l-t-. man, that was a good f-ck—i shot out a good load of my flute juice!

  • lumpusrumpus

    a name used to call people who are: 1. disturbers of the peace 2. lumpy 3. very mean and inconsiderate sue was being lumpusrumpus when she stole my m-ffin.

  • cunt crusher

    a p-n-s that is so large it physically crushes a girls “c-nt”. easily mistaken for cl-t crusher. my d-ck is so big it crushed that b-tches c-nt, a.k.a. i’m a c-nt crusher!

  • Robert Plant Three Hit Combo

    slapping a woman across the face with your p-n-s first then shortly followed by the left and right t-st-cl-s seperately. usually used after doing something inapropriate. last night i gave this hoe a robert plant three hit combo after she sucked my c-ck poorly.

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