the female equivalent of a c-ck block – when a woman prevents a female friend from engaging in s-xual acts.
i was just about to get c-mberjacked, but sharon totally c-ntwalled me.
a person who is a c-nt and also has no purpose in life, like a wall.
dude laura is such a c-nt wall!!!
when a group of male friends block out the advances of random wh-r-s at a bar or club. the act shows no interest in said wh-r-s, thus generating further interst from wh-r-s and a sense of ent-tlement and insecurity. the end result is male companions using wh-r-s for s-x with false promises of future contact via phone/email.
jon and bob immediately threw up a c-nt wall at the plough in the stars knowing full well they’d get what they wanted by the end of the night.

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