flirting or being flirtatious.
ayyo, stop cupcaking wit that ugly -ss ho.
leaving a large group of your male friends, to go to another room and talk for prolonged periods of time with a girlfriend or girl you are interested in.
carl – “jj’s been cupcaking for like 2 hours now.”
alex – “ohwell, lets play some more guitar-hero”
constantly kissing and being all over someone in public places
the girl is always cupcaking with her man in the hallway
cupcake cup cake flirthook up beezy symp
cupcaking is the verb form of cupcake. cupcaking involves paying more attention to a girl than your friends, usually through text-messaging or other means of technological communication. a person will usually be cupcaking when they are attempting to hook-up or flirt with a girl, due to the fact that cupcaking can be viewed as attempting to “warm the girl up.”
evite: minnesota, stop cupcaking!
minnesota: i’m not cupcaking!
evite: you’re just getting the oven ready!

1. to be in the honeymoon phase of a courtship or relationship; when a couple is engaged in public displays of affection and/or being anti-social by only paying attention to one another during a social outting with a group of friends. 2. when a guy or a girl chooses to spend time with a love interest over their friends. however, this term is more commonly used to describe men who become mia (missing in action) after getting with a girl or getting into a relationship.
1. joe: “let’s all take a shot together!”
mike: “all the boys are here except for steve!”
joe: “yo steve you better get over here and stop cupcaking it with your woman in the corner!”

2. mike: “where your boy steve at tonight? i never see him anymore.”
joe: “he’s been h-lla cupcaking it with this one chick lately, so i never see him anymore either.”
mike: “lame.”
hugged up with a woman.
yah boi was cup caking with that girl all night at the party.
talking sweet to someone you like.
cup caking means, boyfriend talking with girlfriend or vice – versa on the phone.

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