cure is slang 4 girls in bosnian croatian and serbian language.
foundation cure is a feminist activist foundation from sarajevo bosnia and herzegovina
cure lets rock da planet:)
cure cureeeeeeee
to be completely sure of yourself

(pr-nunciation k-u-r)
i am cure in my answer
acronym of ‘cherishee, you are my everything’. a cherishee is a loved one who a cherisher cherishes. it is used for the cherisher to express to express to their cherishee the level intensity at which they are cherished. in addition, the acronym cures is significant to the role of the cherishee. this person acts are the healer and cures many aspects of the cherishers life, including a broken heart. in essence, its a way for you to describe to your special someone how much they mean to you.
samuel: honey lets go scuba diving, i planned it as a birthday surprise for you. surprise:)
lisa: truly?you’re so lovely. thank you baby! cures

there is a cure out there, but no one has found it.
many are searching for the cure of cancer, and you can help.
the alcoholic drink one imbibes in the morning after they have consumed their own body weight in alcohol the previous night in an effort to relieve the symptoms of a severe hangover
the morning after the night before

“bollox, im dying”
“me too”
“we need a cure”
” local?”
“f-ck it, yeh. ill probably puke my guts up but anything beats this feeling”
something really disgusting, usually forced on someone who isn’t in his or her right state of mind- shock, unconsciousness, blood-loss.

it usually involves urinating and sodomy, but it can broadly defined.
help! this man is trying to cure me!!
a term used to describe an dirty old man who har-sses young women by means of the internet.
this cure guy constantly attacks women in the poker lobby.

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