cushion for the pushin

a term used to describe a particularly shapely and large posterior(also called- b-tt, -ss, booty, trunk, derriere etc.) usually found on attractive, voluptuous women.

the generous bottoms of a woman are more s-xually arousing to many men, because large bottoms indicate a higher level of estrogen and possibly a high rate of fertility. the term comes from the act of s-x between a man and a woman blessed with generous bottoms, in a postion known as doggystyle.

in this s-xual position, the well-endowed woman is at an advantage, as her large b-ttocks act as a soft, yielding barrier between her pelvis and the thrusting pelvis of her mate, making the act very comfortable for both parties. moreover, in this postion, the man is able to see the motion of his mate’s b-ttocks as he thrusts, and this display arouses the male even further.

note that a number of males find large b-ttocks, and by extension, voluptuous females unappealing, but by and large,a curvaceous woman usually attracts more attention than a thin and bony woman.
‘so why did you sleep with her? is it ‘cos she’s got a cushion for the pushin???’

‘man, mimi sure has a nice b-tt’
‘yeah, it’s a real cushion for the pushin’
a nice comfortable layer of fat or “squish” especially around the b-ttocks area, that provides comfort and allows for exceptionally vigorous humping.
“my girlfriend isn’t fat, she’s got some awesome cushion for the pushin! tell me something, don’t you get bruises slamming into those bony hips every night?”
the two definitions are:

a) when a woman with a particularly large b-tt has s-x doggystyle, her b-tt acts as a barrier between her pelvis and her partner’s. this allows for rougher s-x without the discomfort put on the pelvis.

b) its biologically true that when a woman with a large b-tt gives birth, it is easier for her than it is for a woman with a small b-tt, because the fatty tissue helps as a ‘cushion’ during birth.
a) g-d i love doggystyle, cause she’s got cushion for the pushin man.

b) good thing my wife’s got cushion for the pushin, because it was easy as pie for that little guy to push out. delivery maybe lasted two minutes.

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