cut a fat hog in the ass

etymology: contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with vehicles.
the term originated in the ozarks, and originally derived from when a man would slaughter a hog and discover a (surprisingly) thick layer of fat (or lard) between the meat and skin, which would then be able to be rendered off and used in cooking throughout the coming year.
when a person was to have something that comes into their favor they were to say that “they cut a fat hog in the -ss”.

common definitions:
1. to have a monetary gain.
2. to have something beneficial occur in their favor.
3. to have a raucous time.
1. i sure cut a fat hog in the -ss when i bet on that 30-1 horse and won!
2. i can’t believe that whitney agreed to go out with me, i sure cut a fat hog in the -ss this time!
3. i feel like cr-p today, but man did we cut a fat hog in the -ss last night!
def: to try to take an easier path to a goal with predictably unfortunate consequences.
the idiot tried to cut a fat hog in the -ss when he drove through that parking lot to avoid the signal and ran right into the side of a car backing out of a spot.

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