cutting the grass

1. to chat up your mates partner
gr-ss cutter: i hope i am not cutting the gr-ss
gr-ss cut-ee: thats my f-ck-ng mrs your chatting up
slang for smoking weed
i’ll be cutting the gr-ss on friday night with my boys
preparing something so that it only has the finishing touches left. derived from first planting seeds, watering the lawn and then, finally, cutting the gr-ss.

when there is only 10% left of being complete, that part is the cutting of the gr-ss.
1. i had gotten through nine out of ten questions on the test, i was ready to cut the gr-ss.

2. so i took out the chords, fixed up my guitar, learnt the song, then i spent an hour cutting the gr-ss to make it perfect!

3. she picked up milk and eggs at the store, i mixed the pancake batter, and then we both cut the gr-ss.

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