short country term meaning something your amazed by or has or gets a lot of attention .
cuuuuud god she has a fat -ss!!!

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  • cvq

    when using im people always put lol when some thing is funny. rarely do you actually ever lol you most likely cvq which stands for chuckle very quietly. martha: last night i saw some one fall of there roof. george: cvq

  • Bishop Don Magic Juan

    1. former pimp, now ordained preacher and religious advisor to snoop dogg 2. that guy in the green hat from old school q.) hey, is that bishop don magic juan over there with them tricky–ss b-tches? a.) h-ll yes it is; that guy is a total pimp!

  • cwanker

    cw-nker (noun) in popular british slang “to w-nk” means to maturbate. recent cultural changes has seen an uprising in men who tend to engage in a practice called “cw-nking” (simultaneously crying and wnaking). this is particularly common in s-xually repressed males who are ashamed of the enjoyment they receive from masturbation. this leads to the […]

  • credit criminal

    someone who does not pay there bills. often by choice, rather than due to unforseen occurance. this term was coined in the auto industry and used to describe unfinancable customers. (sales manager) sorry buddy, there credit criminal’s cut them loose and grab another up. (salesman) d-mn it i thought i had a citizen here.

  • catch ya issue

    when some one talks sh-t and you whoop their -ss when some one needs their -ss kicked,and you give it to them! yeah i had to give him his issue you bout to catch ya issue bruh!

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