another word for homie and/or cuhz
what’s poppin’ cuzzel

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  • slobberphile

    a person who has a strong affinity towards saliva, esp. that of larger breed dogs such as newfoundlands, mastiffs, saint bernards, etc. but also may include lions, tigers, bears, dragons, and all sorts of other creatures with big tongues. a slobberphile may also get off from being licked/kissed by such a large tongue. “that guy […]

  • zaccheus

    a s-xy dark skin like zaccheus in front of you

  • tamoor

    a it boy who is a beg and begs girls for heads and is a p-ssy also a girl beater coz he cant fight anyone his size well hes a f-cking midget anywayss tamoor : yoo b set me uckii any girl: nahh sorry mate tamoor: nooooo! u f-cking sket ur clapped anyway

  • spicy buffalo sauce

    a mild hot sauce that if you consume to quickly yo -ss will die. “he had spicy buffalo sauce shoved down his throat and he almost died.”

  • blue corn

    good kush you got that blue corn?

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