a place where the cyber undercl-ss dwell and from wherein emerge grunts, insults and inarticulate wailings
rotflmao was the only grunt heard from within the depths of the cyberhovel

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  • fibgers

    (n): another way of saying “fingers”, “digits”. dude! my fibgers are so full of bbq sauce. n: used to describe one’s fingers when covered in some substance (i.e. barbecue sauce, syzbo, etc.) “this sucks. i can’t type anything because my fibgers are full of bbq sauce.”

  • fiebag

    fiebag means the act of harpooning a seacow and teabagging at the same time owning someone in call of duty then harpooning an amber seacow and teabagging your b-tch that you owned in the game i just fiebagged you in call of duty!

  • Final Frantasy

    the act of ‘pretending’ one of the background characters in a franchise is the main character and trying to forget the ‘real’ protagonist entirely – especially when they are especially irritating. the most famous example of ‘final frantasy’: the protagonist from final fantasy 12, vaan was vapid irritating and annoying. fran on the other hand […]

  • Firemans Cap

    the tip of a p-n-s, looks like a firemans cap. i was washing my car. as my firemans cap rubbed against it, my hiding serpent came out to say hi.

  • Busemas

    celebrated on june 29th of every year as the holy birth of gary busey. on this holy day of busemas, we celebrate the birth of our lord gary busey.

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