best player in the a team
he is so cyll

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  • raucosity

    an atrocity that is raucous. manchester united’s defeat to middlesbrough to lose the league t-tle was a raucosity!

  • seed water

    it is the pre-c-m oh man i think my seed water got her pregnant

  • crippling b*n*r

    when you get a b-n-r so hard you are unable to walk. i can’t stand up right now i have a crippling b-n-r!

  • teagin

    a teagin is super nice and tries to be a lot like is popular older brother. he might seem weird and shy but he’s not, he is so outgoing and adventurous. he encourages you to follow your dreams no matter what they are.and he will stand up for you in front of anyone. secretly he […]

  • bosnian hiking

    walking up and down a mountain with strange snacks such as cereal and vodka. i can’t wait to go bosnian hiking this summer with all my friends.

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