da boy

term used for heroin by the people who do it. it’s called the boy for a couple reasons. 1) because it’s -ssociated with the word ron (short for heroin). 2) just like c-ke is referred to as that girl or da girl, heroin is called da boy or that boy.
josh: yo my man, has da boy been around here today?

nate: yeah dude, ron always chills at the crib.
a group or clique which consists of only male counterparts. these individuals that comprise of this clique are only acquaintances and does not consist of genuine relationships. the reason behind “da boys” is solely for the purposes of trying to get laid, checking out chicks, doing drugs, fighting, making excuses to hang with “da boys” because the individual has difficulty in luring females solely on his own, making excuses to ditch a female potential partner that has rejected him (vice versa), and also making excuses of rejection from his gf (vice versa) to hang with “da boys”. relationships that consists of male partners with “da boys” mental disorder create problems in relationships for females. “da boys” is a comfort zone/safety blanket for the insecure. hanging in cliques mitigates the individuals livelihood from anxiety. these boys/men need to form packs, which helps one another co-exist and thrive in absurdity. for these males, existing independently seems rather too difficult. although there is no medication for this disorder, psychotherapy has been proven to be effective.
brah f-ck her dat dumb b-tch..i no like hang with her i just like hang with da boys.

my gf stay at home..she so dumb..i no kea, i just like hang with da boys anyways

brah i though you was my boy..i thought you was part of da boys..ahhhhh!! lose money
an individual, who sleeps, eats, cooks, and p–p and that’s it.
d-mnit daboy, you never do anything in the house!
the biggest lad out there, da boy is equivalent to being a black belt in pulling girls, hosting partys, and pretty much being awesome in everything he does.
a prime example of da boy is a human who shows exceptional talent in all mentioned above the only person alive who currently holds the t-tle of da boy is coz jackson
a large group of males ranging from 16-24 year olds walking around in arab infested suburbs to pick up chicks
cuzzy, let’s meet up with da boys in bankstown.

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