long gl-ss piece, pointy end to stick to concetrates, you then touch it to a heated nail or skillet while you suck the bong to get the smoke (:
“get some oil on that dabber”
“gimme that dabber, i wanna take a huge rip”

“get me a dabber and a skillet or nail,
or a mic, cause im a rapper who can kill it as well”

– task & linus
a professional that fixes errors in photos, video, and film. dabbing can be used as a verb or a noun and has future, present, and past tense. dabbers are renowned in the commercial industry for their ability to completely fix footage that would normally require a re-shoot.

noun: dabber
verb: dabbing
future: will dab
present: dabbing

past: dabbed

there are various skill levels of dabber’s which get cl-ssified as md, jd, and nd. md is master dabber also sometimes referred to as magical dabber. jd is a junior dabber. nd is a novice dabber.

the art of dabbing is relatively new but already major studios are clamoring to get a dabbing suite up and running for their clients. with a dabbing professional under your roof the possibilities are endless.
the commercial we just shot has the wrong logo on the product! we will have to use a dabber to change it to the right one.

wow that dabber really dabbed the sh-t out of that dabbing nightmare.
the act of smoking butane-honey oil or “dab”
spark up that torch, johnny! let’s get some dabbers goin!

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