a cross between d-mn it and stupid.
dabnabbitt….i dropped that whole bowl of chips!

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  • painters arm

    after painting out in the sun its not unusual to have a tan line that goes from the sleeve down. michael has amazing painters arm

  • paint the shutters

    a situation where someone runs out of toilet paper and is forced to use their hand to wipe after p–ping (usually in a public restroom). “ginger was down to just the tube. she had to paint the shutters.”

  • pajojos

    pubic hair. (stating that someone is being immature, or they have no p-b-s) you have no pajojos. grow some pajojos man.

  • laptop dumping

    when someone uses thier laptop as they are taking a dump, downloading a brown file, and or taking the browns to the superbowl. it was an awkward moment when jackson asked where the laptop was while blake was in the bathroom laptop dumping

  • la queefa

    a hot chick that you might take back to a particular spanish-named hotel. dude, that girl’s a la queefa, fo sho.

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