he is extremely ugly. he has no friends and he always tries to have s-x but he cannot. he thinks people like him but they don’t.
no one wants to be a daggem. a daggem has no friends.

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  • dirty dew

    a revenge s-x act in which a woman, while mad at her boyfriend/husband, visits a friend for s-x, then goes home and makes her significant other eat her out. “i gave that b-st-rd a dirty dew. all he said was, ‘seems a bit salty…’”

  • stratos 'n chill

    snorting c-ke off of a b-tt. hey sally care to join me in the toilets for some stratos ‘n chill

  • cayliegh

    a little b-tch who steals your things person- why cayliegh???? cayliegh- hahahaha😏

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    a latin word meaning idiot. stop being such an umnikol

  • alimie

    a good looking guy and have a good personality. a good leader and responsibility. will get a happiness in the future with someone truly love him alimie is so cool

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