fit pregnant bloke
jesus christ… put that dagnan away!

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  • sfink

    to attempt to add a term to general linguistic usage via viral means. yesterday, i sfinked ‘smoist’ on definithing.com and already today #smoist is trending on twitter. oed, here we come!

  • 99.1whfs and dc101

    great kick -ss music stations. they both play nirvana, red hot chili peppers, radiohead, foo fighters, the strokes, and lots of rock. dj’s are funny and they dont do stupid spoofs and whatnot. in conclusion, country sucks but 99.1whfs and dc101 rock. i love 99.1whfs and dc101

  • sha boing boing

    an offshoot of the onomatopoeic word “boing,” the phrase “sha-boing boing!” is used as a confident emphasis at the end of an -ssuredly correct statement. this is similar to other phrases such as “yeah, that’s right!,” “that’s what i’m sayin’,” “you said it,” or (in more spiritual settings) “can i get an amen?” emphasis is […]

  • myoshoa

    a weird funny terradactle super mom that has an ipad stuck to her fingers and is often seen snooping around airplanes. the flight attendant warned us to blow the whistle if approached by a myoshoa.

  • myorn

    cat-like noise, often implies cuteness. used frequently in the j-panese language. can also be used as a form of greeting, or a signature phrase used at the end of each sentence. “it sure is a nice day today, myorn!” “morning, bill.” “myorn!”

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