a swift judo kick to the n-ts-ck.
alice: u better git me my slippers, dont make me dahari you, boy!

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  • fading

    when you are sobering up after being high. usually the most “out of it” moment because the person feels tired and very lazy. “you listening?” “sorry, it’s hard to keep up ’cause i’m fading” to be a negative nancy and all around sugar cane picker. i wanted some kona coffee – but the fading waiter […]

  • shabooma

    1)the act of peeing in a wild peac-cks mouth. 2) a purple pony with an afro 3) the act of walking in on your parents play time! 4) a ch-nks left nut! i just f-ck-ng shaboomad,yo!

  • shadowfire

    a popular irc server mostly for ppl in za (south africa) however for the general public (i’m not from za). it is a medium-sized ircd with over 800 users and 600 channels. irc.shadowfire.org, tower.shadowfire.org, caladan.shadowfire.org

  • gold leaf

    high quality marijuana found in thailand yo, we had some gold leaf when on vaca in thailand when someone pee’s on a sanitary napkin and rubs it over themselves and/or a partner. chevaun, feeling frisky, decided to gold leaf patrick while he was sleeping.

  • golden flasher

    a kent state university student, usually female, who drunkenly flashes at sporting events, parties, & other ksu events. streaker running through the student center wearing a spider-man mask, aka golden flasher!

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